Sim City

The simulators will stay up year round for you to enjoy!


Sim Rates $45/hr
10 packs available for $380.95
(all pricing plus GST)

**November Special $30/hr Monday- Thursday before 3:00 pm**

Simular FAQ

Please click on the tabs for answers to the questions.

Do you sell packages?

Yes, we sell 10 hours of sim golf for $400 tax included.

How do the rates work?

Simulator rates are charged hourly. The rates per hour are based on up to 4 golfers per simulator. When booking please keep in mind that if you wish to golf 18 holes you need to book enough time to accommodate your group.


1 golfer can play 18 holes in 1 hour

 2 golfers can play 18 holes in 2 hours

 3 golfers can play 18 holes in 3 hours

 4 golfers can play 18 holes in 4 hours

I booked 2 hours for 2 golfers and we only finished 15 holes, what happens?

You pay for the simulator per hour, our staff will check in from time to time to let you know if you are on pace. Unfortunately you have booked for a time period which expires, there may be other golfers behind you so extension of play may not be possible.

Can I use my own golf balls?

Yes you can use the type of golf ball you normally play however, you must use a brand new golf ball with no markings on it. Staff will be checking the balls that are used to ensure that the integrity of the screens is maintained.

Do I bring my own golf clubs?

Yes bring the clubs you normally play with.

Do I wear golf shoes?

No, please bring a change of shoes as you can’t wear your outdoor shoes on our mats.

Can I rent golf clubs?

Golf club rentals are not available at this time, but if you come in a group you can share clubs.

Do I use my own golf tees?

No, we will provide golf tees for you at Sim City.

Do you have golf leagues?

Golf league. Starting mid November 2023. Sign up a 2 person team by contacting Cam by email There will be 2 formats, 18 hole scramble and 18 hole better ball.

Your team will be responsible to book within a one week period and the league will last 12 weeks.

What is the difference between the two simulators?

The GC Hawk is a ceiling mounted unit where left and right hand golfers can play on the mat. The GC Quad is a ground unit with all the same technology. If a right handed and left handed golfers are playing on the GC Quad the ground unit will need to be moved side to side to accommodate each hand of golfer shooting. It is recommended but not required to play the GC Hawk when right handed golfers are playing with left handed golfers.

Do you have to play a round of golf on the simulators?

No, there is a driving range and short game practice mode. We also have some fun fair style games on the sim for additional practice or for the beginner golfer.

Can I reserve one or more simulators for an event?

Yes you can, please contact us and we will be happy to set something up for you.

Can I keep track of my rounds or practice sessions?

Yes you can create a free FSX live account here. Your golf rounds and practice sessions will automatically save when you use your login on the simulators.

What courses can I play?

Full course list here . Please note that courses are only licensed to one machine at a time. There are 6 courses that can be played at the same time and the rest will be on a first come first serve basis. Should you have a request for a specific course please let our staff know upon arrival and we will do our best to accommodate these requests.

I am coming to play the sims is there a dress code?

No, wear whatever you feel comfortable swinging clubs in. Please bring a change of shoes in winter.