Congratulations to our 2016 Club Champions
Men's Club Champion - Kris Wasylowich
Ladies Club Champion - Dawn Furtado
Junior Boy Club Champion - Mason Harder
Junior Girl Club Champion - 
Senior Men's Club Champion - Gord Keith
Senior Ladies Club Champion - Danielle McDonald
Mixed Club Champions - Paul Bonenfant & Heather Fudge

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Henderson Lake Golf Course Origins

The location upon which Henderson Lake Golf Course and Henderson Lake Park are today, was once owned by the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Co. In 1909 Mayor Henderson negotiated a deal with the A.R. I. Co. to purchase the 300 acre property. It was purchased for $150.00 dollars per acre with water rights. The 300 acres were to be developed into a park that would include: a merry-go round, movie picture show and eventually a zoo.
 In 1916 golf enthusiasts put forth a presentation suggesting the south side of the lake be developed into a nine hole course with the possibility of an eighteen hole course in the near future. After encouragement from city commissioners to develop a municipal golf links the promoters held a meeting at the Chinook Club July 3rd 1916. A committee was appointed to meet with the city public works department on July 6th where approval was given to start the project. Serg. Major Hume worked on the plans for the nine hole course along with Commissioner Grace of the city. 
Things moved very quickly after the July 6th meeting. The nine hole municipal course was completed in early August 1916. Seasonal memberships were sold for $5.00 with the payment to be made to the city treasurer.. A committee was organized to work with the city in managing the course. Play began and continued on into the New Year where a hardy group (some in shirtsleeves) played golf on New Years Day. 
A meeting to elect officers for the Municipal Golf Course was held March 27th 1917 at the Chinook Club. Full support was given by the city commissioners as they felt the course would be another attraction to Henderson Park and prove a big benefit to the public generally. The following officers were elected for the 1917 season: Honorary Presidents, W.A. Buchanan M.P., Mayor W.D.L. Hardie. President S.J. Shepard; Vice President W.A. Parker; Sec. Treasurer, James Dawson; Executive Committee, W.V. Poapst, D. Hume, D.A. Duff. Ladies Committee: Mrs. Shepard, Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs. Ritchie. The green fees for the nine hole 2650yd. course were set at $0.25 or you could purchase a seasons pass for $5.00. The R.C.M.P. Boathouse was used as a temporary club house until the new two room clubhouse was completed in 1917-1918(located just East of the present #1 green). Later the Hudson Bay Boathouse was added to enlarge the premises.
Right from the start the Executive Committee felt that golf was an honorable game and members should adhere to the rules of the game. Interestingly enough it was admitted that the frustrations of the game could lead to profanity but the game could still teach self control and honor. A score card was created that contained rules and information concerning handicap. The first tournament was organized and held on July 2nd 1917..
The first annual meeting of the Lethbridge Municipal Golf Course was held Oct. 29th  1917  where fifty people attended. W.A. Parker, vice president of the club occupied the chair in absence of President Shepard. Secretary Treasurer, James Dawson reported that at present there were 89 members as approximately 40 members had joined since the beginning of the season. Dawson hoped to see well over 150 members in the next year. In the first year of operation the municipal course showed a profit of $75.00. This was considered a very successful year. At the meeting, Dr.Craig received the Ewert Cup, emblematic of the Club Champion for the year.  Election of officers was then held, followed by discussions that included suggestions to improve the golf course next year.